Why do I need a Demo Reel?

With more and more performers entering the industry every year you need every advantage you can to stand out. A great Demo-Reel not only shows you at your best but separates the professionals from non-professional performers.

What Makes a Great Demo Reel?
For both Acting and Stunts a Great Demo Reel show showcase your abilities and skills. A reel should be engaging and grab the attention of the viewer. You want the highest quality footage you can get, including clean audio and well stabilized footage.

For Actors

  • Have your highest quality and most more recent work upfront.
  • Scenes that show honesty and emotional range
  • Minimizing any external distractions that would take the focus off of you and your work. (Including bad audio, and celebrities you’ve acted with. Remember this is your Reel, no one else’s)
  • Have a professional Title Card or intro so it is easy to see what you look like, who they should watch, and how to hire you. (You never want to miss out on a job because casting couldn’t find you)

For Stunt Performers

  • Have your hardest hits or most impressive stunts upfront.
  • Do not over repeat the same skill
  • Keep the pace action packed and engaging (Cut the Fluff)
  • Edit around or cut any misses, bad takes, or non-stunt moments
  • Have smooth transitions that don’t cross on the impact
  • Have a professional Title Card or Intro so the Coordinator knows who they are
  • watching and how to contact you. (Don’t miss a job because the coordinator didn’t know how to reach you.)
  • Choose Music that works with your action and doesn’t upstage it.

Why use Demo-Reel to edit your footage?
We here at Demo-Reels have been in show business for over a decade. Both as Actors and Stunt Performers. We have been on both sides of the casting table and worked with countless professionals in hiring positions. This as given us insight and opportunities to fully understand what makes someones Reel stand out (in both good ways and bad).
We use the highest industry standards editing equipment, giving us the ability to edit videos as well as enhance the picture and audio quality. We can give you that edge others don’t have.